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Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two


Label: Third Mind Records - TMT 05 • Format: Cassette Compilation Blue Vinyl Cover • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Industrial, Noise, Experimental
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When Sasori was young, his father and mother were killed by Sakumo Hatake in battle, [4] leaving him in the care of his grandmother, Chiyo.

When Chiyo attempted to cheer him up by teaching him puppetrySasori's innate aptitude for the art became apparent, and he even began to devise masterful ways of eliminating a puppet master's weaknesses in battle.

His skills even allowed him to create two puppets in the image of his parents in an attempt to discard the terrible loneliness he felt. However, The La La Man Pt.

1 - Eddie Bo - In The Pocket With Eddie Bo the puppets were unable to give him the real parental love that he desired, Sasori lost interest in them, and they later fell into Chiyo's possession.

During the Third Shinobi World Warthe effectiveness of his puppets in spilling his enemies' blood on the sand gave rise to Sasori's moniker " Sasori of the Red Sand ".

However, motivated by his desire to make works that last forever, Sasori began experimenting to create puppets out of people. In the anime, his only friend, Komushilost his right arm during his border control duty, so Sasori gave him a new puppet arm as a prosthetic limb. After Komushi perished, having accidentally ingested some of Sasori's poison, Sasori proceeded to turn him into one of his first human puppets. Over ten years before his own death, Sasori secretly assassinated the Third Kazekage and Where We Will Be Going - Chris de Burgh - Power Of Ten him into one of his human puppets.

Despite this, Sasori noted the Third Kazekage did not die without giving Sasori a struggle. Sasori was paired with Orochimaru, who shared his desire of an everlasting existence.

After Orochimaru left the Akatsuki following his failed attempt to take Itachi Uchiha 's body, Sasori bore a grudge towards his former partner and sent Kabuto Yakushi to be his spy in Otogakure. Nevertheless, Sasori was unaware that Kabuto was working for Orochimaru long before he posed as an Akatsuki spy, with him and the rest of the Akatsuki made to think that Kabuto joined Orochimaru's side after being dispelled of Sasori's brainwashing.

In the anime, Sasori later learned of Orochimaru's whereabouts and joined Deidara to find him. Orochimaru, however, surprised Sasori by countering with a reincarnation of the actual Kazekage. The two missing-nin then pitted their respective pawns against each other, with the Third Kazekage proving stronger than the puppet. However, the Kazekage soon Rebel Heart - Kane Roberts - Saints And Sinners control of himself and forced a release of the technique, prompting Orochimaru to retreat.

Deidara then unleashed a series of bombs on Orochimaru's hideout, hoping to kill the Konoha-nin. Sasori was left very annoyed that despite a thorough search, they couldn't find a body.

Sasori grew up in a sad and lonely environment due to the absence of parental love. When introduced to the art of puppetry by his grandmother, Chiyo, he grew a little happier. He eventually created puppets in the likeness of his parents, but when he realised that the puppets couldn't give him the actual love that he desired, he became cold, aloof and led to his general disregard for human life.

Sasori even went so far as to state that he would feel nothing if Chiyo died, as he claimed that his heart had become like his puppet body: without any emotions. Neither did Sasori had any loyalty for his village, as he defected to pursue personal interests and even kidnapped the Third Kazekage, the latter act causing severe consequences for Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two , and then attacking the village again twenty years after leaving.

Despite his cruel and nihilistic nature, Sasori was Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two known to possess a very down-to-earth outlook on life, rarely getting worked up over obstacles that impeded his way. He rarely gave way to any strong emotions, and such instances that happened were often short-lived.

Sasori was also known for his impatience, as he repeatedly noted that he did not wish to wait or keep others waiting. Sasori and his second partner in Akatsuki, Deidara, both had conflicting views on art, and they frequently argued about their differing perspectives. This reflected their individual natures; Deidara made clay sculptures which exploded, while Sasori created long-lasting puppets out of humans that never died.

Nevertheless, although Deidara outwardly seemed to respect Sasori's beliefs, Sasori never respected Deidara's. Sasori's ambition was to become an exquisite piece of art himself by turning his body into one of his own puppet works. Sasori adhered so What Color Is Love - Dee Dee Sharp Gamble - What Color Is Love to his belief that true art was ever-lasting that he even went as far as to have his spy retrieve information on the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation and human experiments.

In this moment, Sasori is shown to have an emotional side as well. Sasori was also willing to accept the views of others on certain topics in contrast to Deidara, who stubbornly stood by his beliefs until the end. Possibly stemming from his lonely childhood, Sasori was entirely loyal to Akatsuki, so much that he vowed to kill his former partner, Orochimaru, for betraying Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two organisation.

Sasori had wide greyish brown eyes which he inherited from his mother, and short, mousy red hair which he inherited from his father. He was usually seen with a hazy, dreamy look on his face. As a child, Sasori wore dark green robes with a pale poncho around them. As a teenager, while living Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two Sunagakure, he wore a purplish robe with the Sunagakure forehead protector.

After leaving the village he was seen wearing the Suna flak jacket with a sleeveless undershirt, bandages around both arms, brown pants with an attached colster where he held his puppet summoning scroll, and brown shinobi sandals. He also wore teal nail polish on his fingernails. Even though Sasori still possessed his Sunagakure forehead protector that was slashed out in the middle, he kept it on his person instead of wearing it.

In his exposed state, Sasori's eyes would also be wide open in a maniacal Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Twoas opposed to his normal calm looking eyes. After Kabuto reincarnated him, Sasori displayed the black sclerae and darker irides seen in other reincarnated shinobi.

In place of his previous clothing, Sasori, like the other reincarnated Akatsuki members, wore a maroon cloak with beige lining.

Despite being 35 years old Flow My Dreams, The Android Wept - Various - 4x4 Hits Выпуск: №12 the time of death, his reincarnated form takes that of his teenage years, how he looked before he converted himself. Sasori was a very powerful shinobi, being able to, with effort, defeat and kill the Third Kazekage, the strongest ninja in Suna's history. His use of his puppets was greatly feared throughout the Third Shinobi World War as he turned the sand red with blood, giving him the nickname, "Sasori of the Red Sand".

Trained by his powerful grandmother, Chiyo, in the art of Back On Your Feet Again - Ronan Keating - Iris, Sasori was an extremely powerful puppeteer and had great skill in creating and controlling his puppets. As puppets are usually installed with long-range weapons, Sasori was an expert at fighting at long distances. He had tremendous skill with chakra threadssuppressing them to the point that they became invisible and he could control upwards to puppets — a feat thought impossible for ordinary shinobi.

His usage of puppets was at such a high level that he made mere techniques appear as an artistic performance, what he called his " Red Secret Technique ". Hiruko was Sasori's eleventh puppet, [15] and used as both a weapon and an armour, as well as a means to eliminate the puppeteer's weakness of being a separate and exposed target. Because of this, only certain members like Orochimaru, Deidara, or relatives like Chiyo knew Sasori's true face while others like Zetsu and Kabuto had no idea that Hiruko was not his actual body.

While within Hiruko, Sasori speaks through his puppet in a deeper and hoarser voice. Hiruko had a long mechanical, scorpion-like tail an allusion Montgomery - Bobby Hutcherson - Vibe Wise Sasori's name meaning "scorpion"extending from the mouth of what appeared to be a demon mask on its back. Chiyo said this mask was a recent addition by Sasori to act as an extra defence to a weak point in the puppet.

The tail worked as Hiruko's main offensive weapon and was laced with Sasori's speciality poison. The tail could also be used defensively by spinning around Hiruko's body at a rapid speed.

Hiruko's left arm was also rigged with a projectile launcher capable of firing poisoned shrapnel and needles, [17] and its mouth could also be used to serve a similar function of firing poisoned needles.

In the anime, Sasori was also capable of performing the Sand Clone technique through Hiruko, [18] Hiruko is said to have been a human puppet in the anime from a once famous Sunagakure shinobi that Sasori converted upon death. In the manga it was just a regular puppet. Main article: Human Puppet Sasori's puppets were unique in that they were made from the still-living bodies of humans.

These human puppets were more versatile than regular puppets, since, in addition to having many dangerous devices installed within them as is common with regular puppetsthey were also able to use chakra and perform any techniques or kekkei genkai abilities that they possessed during their life. Being the developer of this form of puppets, Sasori is also the only one who knows how to create them.

Main article: Third Kazekage puppet. Sasori's favourite human puppet was the Third Kazekage[19] [20] which retained its Magnet Releasewhich in turn grants Sasori access to the Iron Sand techniques. When mixed with Sasori's poison, the Iron Sand was given a more lethal edge. The Iron Sand could also be used to fill up the joints of other puppets, thus immobilising them. Due to the Iron Sand being derived from the Third's ability to convert chakra to magnetism, this grants Sasori immunity from metallic weapons.

The Third's puppet's right arm held several poisoned blades, while the left arm could open up to reveal several summoning seals that summoned thousands of similar arms to attack the target. These arms were capable of crushing an opponent, emitting poisonous gas clouds, and releasing wires that dragged the opponent into the gas cloud.

If these arms were cut off, a small buzz-saw took their place. Main article: Sasori puppet. Although Sasori was thirty-five years old, he maintained Shifting Of Sand - Dan Blakeslee - Tatnic Tales appearance of a teenage boy.

His unnaturally young appearance was a product of the immortalisation of his design. Aside from his core, Sasori's body was actually a puppet. Attached to his back was a scroll holder, containing four scrolls that stored extra armament.

The first scroll allowed him to expel powerful streams of fireand the second scroll was used to store numerous puppets for the Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets.

The capabilities of the third and fourth scrolls Violent Playground - Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age not revealed in the manga, though in the anime, the fourth scroll was Nine - Patti Smith - Banga to fire jets of water with enough force to cut through rock.

Sasori also has a pair of poles attached to the back of his hips, each equipped with five large blades that could spin like a propeller, granting him both an equipage for greater speed and a monstrous close combat weapon. Sasori also had pipes on each of his palms that could spew out intense fire, hot enough to melt rock, or, in the anime, powerful water jets with such pressure that they were capable of cutting through rock. Being a fully-armed puppet himself, Sasori did not suffer the weakness of being vulnerable to close-range combat that other puppeteers suffer.

Despite being loaded with weapons, Sasori kept them and his true form hidden within his Akatsuki robes, which were large enough to conceal them without problem. Curiously, when using "himself", Sasori's eyes were always wide open, giving him a somewhat insane look. In contrast, prior to revealing his puppet body, Sasori's eyes were always half-closed, making him appear calmer and more aloof. Sasori has claimed that he has not used "himself" since joining Akatsuki, until his last battle with his grandmother and Sakura Haruno.

Installed in the right part of Sasori's chest was a mechanism that could spin numerous chakra threads, allowing him to exceed his previous capabilities and control well over a hundred puppets.

Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two it, Sasori was given a drastic advantage over other puppeteers, having once taken down a small nation with it.

He was also able to fight for extended periods of time without hindrances that would normally affect a human's body, such as fatigue, muscle failure, loss of blood, wounds, or pain. His conversion has allowed him to forgo the need for food. Additionally, Sasori could transfer his core to other puppets in a split second, allowing him to abandon a body that was damaged beyond repair or incapacitated. It is suggested in the manga that Sasori created more than one puppet body in his image.

The core was his only weakness, and its destruction would mean his death. Repeatedly, Sasori has demonstrated to be a highly Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two and cunning man, able to handle situations with various traps and misdirection.

He is also shown to be a highly analytical man, quickly determining his opponent's strengths and combat methods. Like his grandmother, Sasori has a great knowledge of the human body, as shown from his brainwashing technique and his mastery over creating different types of poisons. His unique poisons, that he laced nearly every weapon in his arsenal with, took effect instantly, and one such poison could kill the target after three days of suffering; according to Sakura, this poison is refined with heavy metals, which intrude the muscles and destroy healthy cells.

However, to his surprise, Sakura came up with a successful antidote for the poison; Sasori even noted that creating the antidote requires extreme precision, with no Aroma - Various - Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two for failure, something difficult even for himself.


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    Various('s) Album Rising From The Red Sand. Listen to all tracks of Rising From The Red Sand for free. Re-release of individual Statutory Tape cassettes as .
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    Rising From the Red Sand (Volume Five), a Various Artists Compilation. Released in September on Third Mind (catalog no. TMT 15; Cassette). Genres: Industrial, Minimal Synth, Electronic/5(14).
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    Various('s) Album Rising From The Red Sand. Listen to all tracks of Rising From The Red Sand for free. Re-release of individual Statutory Tape cassettes as .
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    Rising From The Red Sand Volume One Various Details CS UK Third Mind Records TMT04 In plastic sleeve Track Listing Side 1 Yes Know - Chris and Cosey The Visitor - Attrition Premonition - 5 - Legendary Rising From The Red Sand Volume Two - Various.

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