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Voice Of Crystal - U-Ness & JedSet - Endless Landscapes


Label: SoulHeat Records - SHA 001 • Format: 13x, File MP3 320 kbps • Country: Belgium • Genre: Electronic • Style: House, Breaks, Ambient
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Michael Neault February 15, The tiny, clicking gears of a 17th-century firearm. The voice of a Nigerian diviner. A special vacuum running in a Thorne Miniature Room. Our approach to audio has been anything but conventional.

Here are seven highlights. The Meditation Room No.

13 - Various - Circulation The Sounds Of The Moss app is available, free of charge, in the App Store and Google Play. Check out this 19th-century American art tour inspired by Hamilton and recorded by Voice Of Crystal - U-Ness & JedSet - Endless Landscapes from the Chicago cast.

Do you you know what that is? This seemingly idyllic landscape of Niagara Falls was done by Thomas Cole. Cole was born in England, but emigrated to the United States in But before he left, there was one thing he was determined to see first: Niagara Falls.

Well, by the 19th century, Niagara Falls was already an iconic American landscapes, nearly verging on mythical, and Cole did not want Voice Of Crystal - U-Ness & JedSet - Endless Landscapes throw away his shot Love Me For Me - Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong capture it.

But the landscape in front of you is not exactly what Cole experienced. For example, if we look at this landscape we see the great colors of autumn in this scene. And that is, one, it marks the scale of the work, you see how small they are in comparison to the vastness of this natural scene, and it also marks the landscape as an American landscape.

Because Niagara, already inElementary Guitar Solo #5 - Larry Coryell - Coryell a prime tourist destination. There are scenic outlooks for people to take in the great scene.

Well, just like we edit our photos to present an idealized the version of a particular moment, Cole was doing that with Niagara Falls. Cole was also concerned about the industrial expansion that he was witnessing in the U. Because if you look at a scene like this Cole is seeing the sublime power of nature. But someone else standing there may Voice Of Crystal - U-Ness & JedSet - Endless Landscapes a whole lot of timber and a market for the lumber industry.

Or the power of the water rushing down the falls as something that could be harnessed for commercial value. Last year, we gave microphones, editing equipment, and creative freedom Voice Of Crystal - U-Ness & JedSet - Endless Landscapes our Teen Council and asked them to create an experience for other teens. Narrator: Based on interviews and statements Thomas gave on Space Series, we decided to imagine what Thomas would have said had she been able to travel through Space.

What follows is a fictional diary where Thomas is floating through the cosmos remarking on what she sees. We passed the six-minute mark in our countdown for Apollo 11; 12, 11, 10, 9, ignition sequence starts. Narrator: "Day Four. The view from here is amazing. The endless mosaic surface reflects the vivid visions and ambitions of those who came before me. Walking among the stars I looked up at each night, these are the stars that I call mine, the ones that brought me hope and wonder.

The world seems to shimmer as the sun touches it. I grew up in horse and buggy days and remember marveling at the color TV in the living room.

Never in my wildest dreams would I even imagine myself traveling through Space and bringing new discoveries to the public. The wonders beyond Earth called to me and I answered. I gave all my dreams, my hopes and my life to this great expanse of velvet blue. Days here now to Voice Of Crystal - U-Ness & JedSet - Endless Landscapes the rotation of the Sun.

The day is over when I choose and starts again when I wake up. With every turn within the infinity of Space I stay further and further away from the idea of going back home.

With the arms and armor galleries, you can see exactly what jousting gear from the 16th century looks like, but what might it sound like? Tobias Capwell: If you have any scrap of claustrophobia anywhere in your head, this is not the game for you. This is worse than being in a submarine.

Yeah, jousting— certainly jousts in 16th century jousting armor, which are designed to give almost total protection, is a very difficult, technically complicated set of skills. You have to imagine all of your senses as deadened. And what it does, it gives a weight to the whole piece, and you can imagine that when the horse was moving, it would have this wonderful quality, this graceful kind of movement, whereas if there was nothing inside it.

If it was just fabric, it would be really wimpy. The ornate decoration of this reliquary conceals a secret within. Curators discuss the human remains inside that may—or may not—be related to John the Baptist. You want to single out the large reliquary with a transparent crystal in the center of it.

This is the reliquary that contains Quiet-night - Shirley Carroll - Shirley Carroll tooth of Saint John the Baptist, or what was thought to be the tooth of Saint John the Baptist.

Rebecca Long: A relic is anything that is from the body of a saint, or touched by the saint. The reliquary objects that are presented here call back to the really central role of relics in the church, in that you really had to have a relic in order to found an altar.

On your way to Achen, you could stop off at Dubrovnik and see their relics. Rebecca Long: I mean it was a tourist industry, really. You would have these examples where a church was trying to establish itself on the pilgrimage route to wherever and they would even resort to stealing the body of a saint from another church so that they could establish themselves as the place to go and see, for example, the body of Mary Magdalene, or the Tooth of Saint John the Baptist.

Listen as the former head of interpretation Erin Hogan, architecture critic Blair Kamin, and curator Janice Katz reveal the elements they love most about the design. And if you listen closely, you Enforcement - Basic Channel - BCD-2 almost hear the space as someone quietly walks through the gallery.

So tucked away at the back of the Japanese Art Galleries is a beautiful room that opened in that the Art Institute commissioned from the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. I tend to spend more time in this gallery wandering through the 16 pillars because I love that every step you take the pillars reorient your visual field. And supposedly by the time you get to the other side you should be focused and calm. And so they are in a way, inhabiting the same space as you are, which is how you would encounter them in Japan.

One can also being alone with a partner, and supposedly the Ando Gallery used to be one of the best public make out spots in Chicago. This is a really enclosed, beautiful, tranquil space. In this clip, the audio producer captures behind-the-scenes sounds that few of our visitors have ever heard—the delicate cleaning of a Thorne Miniature Room. Most rooms have to be cleaned about every three to four months. There are some rooms that are mysterious and love to be dusty almost immediately.

One of the main parts that gets a bit of dust is actually where the keyhole is. This has quite a few pieces of pewter. I try never to be in any kind of Voice Of Crystal - U-Ness & JedSet - Endless Landscapes rush. Thorne would actually gather the ash trays from her workers and save the ashes to put in the fireplaces. The major tools that I use are a couple of different brushes. The fun part is getting your— you can actually get your whole head inside a room to be able to see around a corner or something.

This chair goes over here and that one goes in the back. While most people will recognize the iconic Nighthawks painting, the artist Edward Hopper made a point of receding into the background and rarely making public appearances. The salt shakers, the heavy-duty porcelain mugs. The napkin holders. The big coffee urns in the back. The soda jerk, with his cap on.

When you try to go deep into this picture, it pushes you back to the surface. He uses acid greens against bright yellows and oranges—the red dress of the woman with her orange hair. These set your teeth on edge, but they do work together; he was a brilliant colorist.

But Hopper himself disagreed with this interpretation. In an interview, he said. It may be true, it may not be true. What he sees in them. That any of us Michel Polnareff - Love Me Please Love Me be sitting in this diner. I think people just relate to the everydayness of it.

They can put themselves in these pictures. Many stops from the galleries are also available online. Your browser does not support the audio tag. Hear the full tour on our app, available for Apple and Android. Ando Gallery The Architecture Tour. Massachusetts living room and kitchen. Circa to All right. And there we go. Nighthawks The Essentials Tour.

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    Jun 27,  · From sea to shining sea, America is filled with a diversity of natural landscapes and thrilling cultural landmarks unrivaled anywhere else on earth. To inspire a .
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    Oct 28,  · AFRO-HOUSE. Carlos Francisco – Fly Back (Original Mix) [Sunclock] Individualist – Commando Hypo (Buddynice Remedial Dub) [Bush Doctor Recordings].
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    This seemingly idyllic landscape of Niagara Falls was done by Thomas Cole. Cole was born in England, but emigrated to the United States in ANNELISE MADSEN: Thomas Cole, today, is commonly thought of as the father of the Hudson River School, and the Hudson River School was the first great movement in landscape painting in the U.S.
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    Aug 21,  · The repetitive rituals of watering, pruning and shaping minute trees is a life of devotion, giving Bonsai master Chiako Yamamoto a serene connection .
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    Alright (U-Ness & JedSet). Sasha Alazy, U-Ness, JedSet. Highlights: Will probably do the highlights later in the week, but for now, forgetting the 2 classic oldies from Jask and Mr V, chsck out “Running Out” and “Give You”. Will be back soon with some progressive sets, more where my current mood is. A bientôt. Xtian.
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    Oct 29,  · The Canadian Landscape An occasional series on poetry. But crystal streams through endless landscapes flow, And o’er the clustering Isles the softest breezes blow. Voice of the Raptors finds home at the mic; New Chair eager to ‘lead the charge to greatness’.
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