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Schaust Nåchand Gach Amål Vorbei - Querschläger - Zwischn Schwåchz Und Weiß


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Download Schaust Nåchand Gach Amål Vorbei - Querschläger - Zwischn Schwåchz Und Weiß

These results also show that the strength of an individual's serum-globulin reactions, to many metals used in dentistry, especially the five metals present in amalgam, has important implications for recovery.

It has been documented that mercury escapes from amalgam fillings and adversely affects health. Many clinical experiments have also demonstrated that symptoms associated with mercury poisoning greatly decrease when amalgam fillings are removed and replaced by less toxic materials - for example, composite materials.

One hundred eighteen patients participated in this study, consisting of 97 women and 21 men ranging in age from 18 to 73 years. The average age of participants was 45 years. Before treatment began ina blood serum test was performed on each patient in order to determine which dental materials caused minimal reactions in the individual. This serum analysis incorporated globulin reactions for metals. Scientific research by Pleva, Clarkson, Masi and many others has proven that metals are essential for normal human functioning.

However, certain metals are poisonous, even in extremely small quantities, and serve no biological function. Heavy metals, including mercury and cadmium, are in this category. Other metals, for example copper, zinc and selenium, are necessary in minute quantities, but are toxic in large quantities. Products of corrosion and metals which react chemically with proteins or methyl groups are extremely poisonous.

Removing all dental metals, thereby removing a constant and probably excessive source of exposure to metals, could obviously have a positive impact on the patient.

Individuals react differently to many metals, as demonstrated by the blood serum test. This suggests that individuals will show varying degrees of improvement when exposure to these metals ceases. The patients involved in the study completed a survey discussing 38 classic symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning. Before removal of amalgam and in some cases, additional metals each patient underwent a blood serum test of their globulin reaction to 34 different metals and assorted dental materials.

The patients then had all amalgam fillings removed. Some patients also elected to have other metal and porcelain dental work removed. Symptoms Before Amalgam Removal. The survey covered 38 symptoms and complaints common to chronic mercury poisoning, as found in related literature. Schaust Nåchand Gach Amål Vorbei - Querschläger - Zwischn Schwåchz Und Weiß in the survey were patients who have been with my clinic since Prior to amalgam removal, all patient had an average of The 58 patients who reacted strongly to many metals had on average no more symptoms and complaints than the 60 patients who demonstrated milder total reaction to metals.

All patients had a blood test taken at Schaust Nåchand Gach Amål Vorbei - Querschläger - Zwischn Schwåchz Und Weiß authorized laboratory.

Another laboratory in Colorado Springs, under the direction of W. The test performed is described in medical literature as a precipitin test.

The test determines the quantity of globulins IgA, IgG and IgM formed when the patients blood serum comes in contact with the metals, components and corrosion products in many dental materials. The globulins are measured photometrically and the results indicate the relative serum reaction of individual patients. Besides the dental materials, the blood serum test applies to 34 additional metals. Participants responded positively to 32 of these metals.

The distribution of patients response is shown below. About 75 participants reacted to aluminium, which is present in Touche Pipi - Les Wampas - Touche Pipi dental filling materials. Because aluminium is present in all glass ionomers, all patients who react to aluminium will react to this material. Some sufficiently strong composite dental materials, for example Posterior II and Conquest, do not contain aluminium.

These are composed of substances and metals to which most patients react mildly. A tremendous variety of metals are used in dentistry. The metal hardware under porcelain crowns frequently contains gold, palladium, silver, platinum, tin, indium, gallium and copper.

Wires for regulating teeth and bands placed around teeth are composed of nickel, chromium, molybdenum and silicon. Dentures made of metal, so-called unitors are usually made of cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, silicon, titanium and sometimes nickel.

Many patients demonstrate globulin reactions to these metals, as indicated by the blood serum test. The metal reactions were calculated with values ranging from 1 to 9 for each metal, 9 being the strongest reaction. The average combined reactions to all metals totaled 40 points, ranging from 6 to points. Schaust Nåchand Gach Amål Vorbei - Querschläger - Zwischn Schwåchz Und Weiß the 5 amalgam metals mercury, copper, silver, tin and zinc are considered exclusively, the average reaction is 20 points ranging from 2 to 45 point.

The known potency of the material must be taken into consideration when comparing these reactions. For example, beryllium and mercury are known to cause adverse reactions with extremely small doses. Other metals like copper and aluminium may cause a relatively higher reaction as measured in point, without being more dangerous.

We compared the change in the symptoms of participants who reacted strongly to amalgam metals with those of participants who reacted mildly to amalgam metals, and the same procedure was followed for those who had a strong or mild reaction to other metals. All amalgam fillings were replaced in all participants. This group had gold surfaces, average 4.

The composite Posterior II was used in most cases. After amalgam removal, 79 participants had no amalgam or metals remaining. One to four years after removal, all patients responded to the same survey as previously noted, inquiring whether the 38 symptoms and complaints had improved, disappeared, or remained unchanged.

The results Greed (Part One) - Laurent Garnier - Greed + The Man With The Red Face this survey indicate that for the average participant,out of 17 symptoms, 8.

See Fig. This study indicates that patients with mild reactions to metals are more likely to have fewer or no symptoms than those patients with strong reactions. Number of symptoms before amalgam removal. Number of symptoms reduced after amalgam removal.

Number of symptoms eliminated after amalgam removal. Urinary syst. For years, science has demonstrated that mercury found in the body comes primarily from amalgam fillings. Specifically, mercury affects the immune system; 17 the kidneys; 18 mouth and colon bacteria; 19 the reproductive system; 20 and the central nervous system. Professor Fredrik Berglund's book which appeared insurveyed the literature on this subject and collected the case histories of patients whose diseases, symptoms or complaints were eliminated or reduced after removal of amalgam and other metals.

Dental use of metals is no longer necessary thanks to good composites and especially to the new PCDMA-based, shock-absorbing and extremely durable composites. Laminate fortified composites with characteristics very similar to natural tooth material are now used for crowns and bridges.

This study demonstrates the positive results The Trees - Various - Exit. Stage Right - The String Quartet Tribute To Rush removing amalgam fillings and other metals from patients who suffer from an extensive array of symptoms which they have not otherwise been able to treat successfully.

Obviously, some participants may anticipate improvement, which in itself may result in improvement. Given that it generally takes 6 to 12 months or longer for symptoms to be eliminated or reduced, in order to counteract this effect, patients completed surveys one year after treatment, and in some cases, again four years later. Patients generally improve gradually as years pass after amalgam removal.

This correlates with the fact that large deposits are continuously found in the tissues of the body and are slowly eliminated. An active detoxification treatment could accelerate the improvement. The patients with a strong reaction to amalgam metals did not recover as favorably as those with mild reactions.

Metal Schaust Nåchand Gach Amål Vorbei - Querschläger - Zwischn Schwåchz Und Weiß in tissues and organs may be present for years in different degrees in these two groups of patients.

Periodontal deseases is very common. Chaka Khan - Eli Escobar - Happiness (Vinyl, Album) is commonly believed that bleeding gums and tender teeth are the early symptoms of pyorrhoea and are caused by plaque and microorganisms on teeth and in teeth sockets.

However, the results of this study indicate that metals and specially amalgam metals are the actual cause. Digestive problems were very common among participants. They can be caused by many factors, but amalgam removal demonstrates a strong positive effect on these problems. The mercury released from the amalgam fillings combines with the saliva, forming extremely poisonous methyl-mercury in the mouth, stomach and colon. The composition of digestive bacteria is changed as a result, and mostly mercury-resistent bacteria survive.

Thus, many bacteria essential to healthy digestion are destroyed. A new study indicates that people with amalgam fillings have many more strains of penicillin-resistant bacteria than those without amalgam fillings. Problems with the central nervous system are also very common. See figures Both recent and earlier studies Schaust Nåchand Gach Amål Vorbei - Querschläger - Zwischn Schwåchz Und Weiß that mercury escaping from amalgam fillings, especially as mercury vapor, can harm the central nervous system.

The immune system is often debilitated by mercury. These symptoms are significantly reduced or eliminated, as demonstrated by the following results:. Experiments with sheep and monkeys with implanted amalgam fillings demonstrate reduced kidney function.

Many symptoms commonly associated with mercury intoxication can be related to harmful effects from metals used in dentistry. This study confirms other classic and scientific results.

The greatest positive reactions are shown by the group with the mildest blood serum-globulin test reaction for the amalgam metals. Hanson, M:. J Orthomol. Stock, A. Arch Gewerbepath Bauer, J. Calif Dent Assoc J Hanson, M: "Changes in health caused by exchanges of toxic metallic dental restorations".

Siblerud, R:"The relationship between mercury from dental amalgam and health".


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