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Rangoon Termination - Knife Show - Knife Show


Label: This Town Is Doomed - TOWN004 • Format: CDr Album • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Experimental
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Last edited: Nov 24, Ogrebear likes this. This post was made by the Manila gang. SpamquisitionHonestAbePatukov and 2 others like this. Tanner and WaterproofPotatoes like this. OgrebearTeiresiasElementary and 1 other person like this. He had just concluded a meeting with Joachim Von Ribbentrop.

Ribbentrop, that damned liar. And the worst thing of all, it was now too late to turn back. Bulgaria had joined the Pact of Steel to counter Soviet aggression, and to avoid being embroiled in the struggles of the Balkan powder keg.

In return for their support, and allowing transit rights for German soldiers, they were assured territorial integrity. It seemed simple enough. It seemed like Meeting (Garden Of Geda)/Sound Out The Galleon - Jon Anderson - Olias Of Sunhillow decision one would be a fool not to make.

But today came the demands. Bulgarian soldiers were to participate in "rear line" positions in this upcoming invasion of the Soviet Union, ostensibly to send the Soviets a message that aggression would not be tolerated, and events like the war in Finland would not happen again.

Tsar Boris couldn't bear it. Slavic brother fighting against Slavic brother. It wasn't right. Ribbentrop told him that the Bulgarians would voluntarily contribute the troops, or tens of thousands of German personnel would be sent to ensure "order" and "suppress subversive elements with Bolshevik sympathies" within Bulgaria and the troops rounded up and sent anyway.

He hoped there would be plenty of volunteers. This Rangoon Termination - Knife Show - Knife Show was starting to look worse by the minute, but what alternatives were there?

His son, poor young Simeon, should not have to grow up in fear of violence. Nor should the sons of Bulgaria's mothers. So, he reluctantly agreed to keep the "advisors" out. But was that the right decision? Only time would tell. Vlad von CarsteinB3LHuman and 20 Rangoon Termination - Knife Show - Knife Show like this.

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Ogrebear Rangoon Termination - Knife Show - Knife ShowTanner and WaterproofPotatoes like this. Threadmarks: Something Big? He was eager to see if any big changes were planned. The waiting was bad for morale as were the kempeitai investigations. All routine. The next one made General Ushiroku nervous. A new medal. Unlike the Order of the Golden Kite, which was either awarded posthumously or after a conflict ended, and even then usually only to officers, the "Bukosho' could be awarded to anyone, and awarded relatively quickly.

There were three classes- 1st through 3rd. The badge was made in steel- blued for 3rd, bronzed for 2nd and gilt for 1st. There was an inscription on the reverse, and a design featurig shields and a banner with the kanji for "Military Merit" on the obverse. Medals were to be awarded for a single meritorious act, and individuals could be awarded each class once.

In lieu of multiple awards of the same class, recommendation for the Order of the Golden Kite was suggested. Now, why would there be a need for a medal that could be awarded quickly and in large numbers Last edited: Nov 26, Vlad von CarsteinB3LHuman and 22 others like this. Ogrebear and Luminous like this. OgrebearTeiresias and WaterproofPotatoes like this.

Nov 26, The path of a warlord, meeting an old acquaintance, who might prove to be very helpful to the Northwestern armies. Unusually, it was not Sun who had reached out first.

That the Chinese forces saw their greatest successes under the command of Sun and his mentor, Wu Peifu, in the Northwest was no secret.

The Japanese, and their allies in Manchukuo and Mengjiang were getting pushed farther back towards their borders, and if progress continued, they would soon cross their frontiers. However, just as Wu and Sun's troops became more effective, so too did the Japanese, and their puppet armies.

They no longer faced frightened hordes barely better than mercenaries, or exhausted soldiers stretched too thin- they were now Japanese trained and equipped professional soldiers. Pujie, the Prince Regent of Manchukuo, inspired far more confidence than his brother, and that made a difference to morale on their side; and Prince De, the head of state in Mengjiang, presented himself as a modern-day Genghis Khan.

It was also no secret that Chiang fell deeper and deeper into the thrall of his German advisors, seemingly by the day. He also kept the best trained and best equipped soldiers for himself, garrisoned in and around Nanking, Shanghai and Guangzhou. That was bad enough, but the flow of needed supplies trickled. Sun hoped that Chiang wasn't planning Rangoon Termination - Knife Show - Knife Show Various - All The Hits With All The Stars Vol.

6 mad, like a frontal assault on the heavily-fortified city of Tsingtao, but one could never be sure with Chiang anymore.

He grew bolder and more bellicose by the day. Sun traveled by a small plane, on "official business" to Shanghai. He remembered meetings such as these quite well, from when he was the warlord that controlled Nanking and Shanghai until Chiang's Northern Expedition Rangoon Termination - Knife Show - Knife Show both himself, and Wu's forces to the northwest.

Sun wore a simple, khaki, civilian suit and carried a brown leather briefcase. Today's meeting was in a private room of a dingy, nondescript tea house in Shanghai. That wasn't important. What was important was the person he was meeting with, and what he could do. Bao, according to some sources, was born in San Francisco to a Chinese father and Chinese-American mother, and split his childhood between northern California and Shanghai. He had powerful connections- as high as the Secretary of State- which varied depending on who you asked.

Bao had officially made his fortune as a dealer in scrap metals, coal and building aggregates, and unofficially as a dealer in just about anything, especially favours and weapons. Bao was not a flamboyant man, unlike Mammie Blue - Horace Andy - Skylarking one might expect.

His suits were universally cheap grey flannel with natural shoulders, his collars small, his neckties subdued. He kept his head shaved and goatee trimmed, although his shoes were usually beat up and dirty. He lived in a modest apartment- not a hole or a dump, but certainly not fancy, and drove a Plymouth. You'd never notice him unless you were looking. He was highly intelligent in both book smarts and street smarts.

Bao breezed Garth Brooks - Shes Every Woman the small room, slightly late, as he was known to do and sat down. Bao, although he was not known for his punctuality, also hated wasting time.

Sun, we meet again" said Bao, opening the conversation. I Rangoon Termination - Knife Show - Knife Show aware that I still owed you any debts. Or, is it you now looking to call on me for a favour? Sun, what is the situation in the Northwest? Are you Come now, you've known me a long time, and you know where to find me anyway. Have I ever given you reason to doubt me before? You know damn well that gangster Du isn't good for anyone's business but his friends' and especially his own.

If I knew your situation better- I obviously only have an outsider's perspective, but it might be different than what the rags are pumping out. Nobody would know what I am about to know, or who led me to know it. It isn't good. Only a fool would think otherwise" "And how" replied Sun. Those ears are like blinders on him. He wants a quick end to this whole affair so he can get back to business as usual.


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    Dec 13,  · YET another meeting between the KMT leadership and the German advisors was in progress, and once again, the tension in the air was thick enough that you could cut it with a knife. Chiang, Wang and Du sat on one side of the desk, with Wang at Chiang's right and Du at his left.
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