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Natural nitrogen 7 N consists of two stable isotopesnitrogenwhich makes up the vast majority of naturally occurring nitrogen, and nitrogenwhich is less common. Fourteen radioactive isotopes radioisotopes have also been found so far, with atomic masses ranging from 10 to 25, and one nuclear isomer11m N. All of these radioisotopes are short-lived, with the longest-lived one being Nko - Nitrogene 12 with a half-life of 9.

All of the others have half-lives below 7. Most of the isotopes with atomic mass numbers below 14 decay to isotopes of carbonwhile most of the isotopes with masses above 15 decay to isotopes of oxygen. The shortest-lived known isotope is Nko - Nitrogene 12 , with a half-life of about yoctoseconds.

Nitrogen and oxygen are produced in the atmosphere when gamma rays for example from lightning knock neutrons out of nitrogen and oxygen The nitrogen decays with a half-life of ten minutes to carbon, emitting a positron. After a lightning bolt, this gamma radiation Nko - Nitrogene 12 down with a half-life of ten minutes, but these low-energy gamma rays go on average only about 90 metres through the air, so they may only be detected for a minute or so as the "cloud" of 13 N and 15 O floats by, carried by the wind.

Nitrogen is one of two stable non- radioactive isotopes of the chemical element nitrogenwhich makes about Nitrogen is one of the very few stable nuclides with both an odd number of protons and of neutrons seven each and is the only one to make up a majority of its element.

Like all elements heavier than lithiumthe original source Wenn Schon. Denn Schon - Nicole - Gold nitrogen and nitrogen in the Universe is believed to be stellar nucleosynthesiswhere they are produced as part of the carbon-nitrogen-oxygen cycle.

Nitrogen is the source of naturally-occurring, radioactive, carbon Nitrogen is a rare stable isotope of nitrogen. Two sources of nitrogen are the positron emission of oxygen [6] and the beta decay of carbon Nitrogen Nko - Nitrogene 12 one of the lowest thermal neutron capture cross sections of all isotopes.

Unlike the more abundant nitrogen, which has an integer nuclear spin and thus a quadrupole moment15 N has Nko - Nitrogene 12 fractional nuclear spin of one-half, which offers advantages for NMR such as narrower line width. Nitrogen tracing is a technique used to study the nitrogen cycle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Nitrogen Main article: Nitrogen Pure and Applied Chemistry. Chinese Physics C. Bibcode : ChPhC. Tables, graphs, and references" PDF. Paintbrains - Wolfcow - 1917 Zone 23, Bibcode : Natur. National Nuclear Data Center. Isotopes of the chemical elements. Categories : Nitrogen Isotopes of nitrogen Lists of isotopes by element.

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    Nitrogen is the source of naturally-occurring, radioactive, carbon Some kinds of cosmic radiation cause a nuclear reaction with nitrogen in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, creating carbon, which decays back to nitrogen with a half-life of 5, ± 40 years. Nitrogen Nitrogen is a rare stable isotope of mavelvcerebordrelanrad.infoinford atomic weight A(N): [, ], Conventional:
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