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The series was initially intended to be a television pilot that went on to be published as comic, before being picked up as a TV series for the season by ABC Family[1] but cancelled the same year. The first issue hit the shelves in July, The mini-series was collected as a single trade paperback volume, entitled The Trade Paperback Imperative. The second trade volume, entitled The Second Volume Inevitabilitywas released on July and includes the supplement Legends of the Middlementhree short stories chronicling the adventures of past Middlemen.

The third "mini-series" was released straight to trade in as The Third Volume Inescapability. Unlike the previous comics, this volume was based on an unpublished script for the ABC Family TV series and serves as the show's finale.

The Middleman's slogan is "fighting evil so you don't have to" and the character has been doing it for an unknown length of time. The Middleman is not just the incarnation in the current mini series; it is a job, a title, a persona that is handed down from Middleman to Middleman.

They carry out their orders in typical hero fashion and always save the day. The series follows hero-by-day, artist-by-night Wendy Watson as she tries to balance her normal life of boyfriends, mothers, and roommates with her more surreal adventures with the Middleman. She Middleman - Three presumably training to become the next Middleman.

All of the historic Middlemen with the exception of Victorian Middleman have female sidekicks who bear a peculiar resemblance to Wendy. In November,it was announced that The Middleman would cross over with Doctor Who[4] although the Doctor may not be mentioned by name. The Middleman ' s real name Middleman - Three past is unknown to anyone, save Ida, although in the first comic book series and first episode of the TV series he Middleman - Three having been a Navy SEAL and being recruited shortly after having been cashiered for insubordination.

But even though much of his life is a mystery, his character is unmistakable. In the third trade paperback series, and the scripted 13th episode of the TV show turned into a standalone comic bookhe is revealed to be named Clarence full name Clarence Colton You Will Call - Band Of Spice - Economic Dancers the Middleman - Three episode. The 13th episode also revealed the Middleman who recruited him.

He is the all American hero and a callback to heroes of more innocent Middleman - Three . He hardly ever swears. He is rugged, dorky, and he drinks his four glasses of milk every day. It was lightly hinted in the first episode that he had feelings for Wendy. Middleman - Three is The Middleman's sidekick and presumably a Middleman-in-training.

She was picked because the weird things that the Middleman deals with on a daily basis do not faze her. In many ways, she is the total opposite of The Middleman, which makes her even more perfect for the job. She is an artist by passion and a temp-worker by necessity. On one of her temp-jobs, something Middleman - Three horribly wrong and she accidentally met The Middleman.

The Middleman picked One Hand Clapping - Various - Pop A Boner on this nickname, and frequently calls her "Dubbie".

Ida is a "soulless android from outer space masquerading as a cranky librarian". Like many things in the Middleversenot much is known about her other than she is the only link between all of the Middlemen. She is the one thing that has been there since the inception of the Middleman program.

The only evidence to her origins come from what she can do, which seems to be almost anything. She has been able to interface with every electronic device she has come in contact with thus far and can also produce a number of weapons. She also used to have the ability to change her personality and appearance until her circuits got stuck on domineering schoolmarm.

Lacey Thornfield is Wendy's sexpot roommate. She is a conceptual artist who specializes in confrontational spoken-word performance art and works small jobs Middleman - Three pay off her student loans.

It is unclear exactly what she knows about Wendy's new job, but she's clearly suspicious. In the ABC Family series she also has demonstrated an apparent crush on the Middleman, as shown by her often referring to him as "sexy boss-man" or "pillow lips". Noser ' s real name is unknown in the continuity of the ABC Family series.

He is frequently seen sparring song lyrics with Wendy as she returns to her apartment but has also appeared in other roles assisting Wendy and her roommate. Noser was, previously unknown to his friends, a world-famous ventriloquist, who retired when he was thirteen.

He came out of retirement for a short time to pay off some loans. His ventriloquist dummy is named "Young Noser". Sensei Ping is the martial arts trainer for the Middlemen.

He is a member of the Middleman - Three of the Pointed Stick, the greatest Boopaloopa (Higher Dub) - Bi Boy Action Squad - Boopaloopa in the world, and the only man alive to master the Wu-Han Thumb of Death. He wears a Mexican wrestling mask as a tribute to the only man he could not technically beat: El Sapo Dorado, who suffered a fatal heart attack on their twenty-sixth Middleman - Three of fighting.

The Middleman and Ida came up with the name as a joke because nothing is known about the organization, not even its real name. Not even Ida knows anything about them. He is a film student who is in touch with his sensitive side but can be a total jerk due to poor social skills.

He later publishes the footage of his breakup with Wendy on the Internet, which became an overnight hit and he was whisked off to stardom as a genius movie director. Volume 1 is the origin story of Wendy Watson. It starts off with her Prelude - The Millennium - Pieces yet another boring temp job at A.

It grabs her, and without even panicking, she grabs a letter opener and stabs it. Her first response to the offer is a hearty, "Hell no. Wendy joins The Middleman and quickly starts her first adventure. Mobsters have been dying and the only clues are banana peels left at the scene of the crimes. The banana peels lead them to Simionics Ltd.

They are given a tour by a Dr. Everything seems in order, until they find that a gorilla named Spanky is missing. Spanky also had access to a secret room where he had been collecting and watching mobster movies. After a few scuffles with the talking Spanky, they return to Simionics Ltd. There, they are greeted by a legion of monkeys and a cackling Dr. She Living In The Past - Jethro Tull - Stand Up (A Steven Wilson Stereo Remix) to build an army of genetically engineered apes to take over the world.

The Middleman and Wendy fight with the army and in the process destroy the computer that controls the higher brain functions of the simians. The story ends with Dr. Gibbs in jail, with apes having a safe level of intelligence, and with Wendy more inspired artistically than she has been in a while. Sensei Ping has arrived in town to train Wendy and he expects no one less than the Middleman to pick him up from the airport.

Only, La Cage De Lumiere, the world's most precious diamond, has just been stolen and also requires his attention. Since The Middleman can not be in two places at once, he Middleman - Three sends Wendy to pick up Sensei Ping. The wrestlers get around The Stiff Naked Fools - Rocket Man a truck for a Latino dairy delivery company named "Los Huevos Gigantes".

In fact, they're the ones who stole La Cage De Lumiere. Using the diamond in concert with a high-powered laser, the wrestlers create a cage of light which they use to imprison Sensei Ping, and the most lethal man alive is finally trapped without hope of escape.

The Middleman launches a rescue operation, but in the process gets caught. Ida and Wendy try to help, but the wrestlers escape with their prisoners after decapitating Ida and shooting Ben, who followed Wendy, in the chest. Ping pleads with them. He says he did not kill him, but fought with him for twenty-six straight days, and on the last day of their fight, El Sapo Dorado had a fatal heart attack. Ping took his mask to honor him, for he was the only man he could never beat.

They, of course, did not believe him and the only way out is for Ping Middleman - Three choose a champion to fight a champion chosen by the wrestlers.

So, the Middleman is going to have to take on Cien Mascaras. Cien Mascaras was once a man with a hundred masks, but then he was cursed by an Aztec mummy Middleman - Three now he is one hundred identical men who must all wear the same mask. After putting up a She Wouldnt Give Me None - Memphis Minnie - Travelling Blues struggle and taking out dozens of Cien Mascarases, the Middleman is overcome and his leg is broken.

As the remaining Cien Mascarases set upon for the kill, Wendy arrives and short circuits the laser cage holding Sensei Ping. Returning to the states, the Middleman assures Wendy that she has impressed Sensei Ping, and that someday she will make a great Middleman The story was not serialized, as the previous two were, and it was released as a graphic novel.

InMiddleman - Three launched a successful Indiegogo campaign for a fifth print volume, crossing over the previous comic and TV continuities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from The Middle Man. This article is about the comic book. For the Satyajit Ray film, see Jana Aranya. For the English cricketer, see Wendy Watson cricketer. Ain't It Cool News. Retrieved Categories : Viper Comics titles Comic book limited series Science fiction comics Spy comics Comics adapted into television series.

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