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Its Gone Sir M62 - Various - Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection


Label: La-La Land Records - LLLCD-1701 • Format: 15x, CD Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered Box Set Deluxe Edition • Country: US • Genre: Stage & Screen • Style: Score, Soundtrack
Download Its Gone Sir M62 - Various - Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection

Star Trek was set in the 23rd century and featured the voyages of the starship Enterprise. The show lasted three seasons until canceled in When the show first aired on Its Gone Sir M62 - Various - Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collectionand until lowering budget issues in its third season resulted in a noticable drop in quality episodes and placed in a 10pm Friday night death slot by the networkStar Trek regularly performed respectably in its time slot.

After it was canceled and went into syndicationhowever, its popularity exploded. It featured themes such as a Utopian society and racial equality, and the first African-American officer in a recurring role.

Several original series characters also appeared in the seventh movie, Star Trek Generationsand in other Star Trek productions. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to Get Down - Beanie Sigel - Public Enemy #1 strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry, whose interest in science fiction dated back to the s when he came into contact with Astounding Stories. Roddenberry's first produced science fiction story was The Secret Weapon ofwhich aired in on the Chevron Theatre anthology show.

InMGM was of the opinion that "true-to-life" television dramas were becoming less popular and an action-adventure show would be more profitable this prediction turned out to be right, and led to series such as The Man from U. Roddenberry had already been working on a science fiction concept called Star Trek sinceand when he told MGM about his ideas, they were willing to take a look at them.

The studio was, however, not enthusiastic about the concept, and a series was never produced. Roddenberry tried to sell his " wagon train to the stars " format to several production studios afterward, but to no avail. Init was rumored that Desilu was interested in buying a new television series. This led to a three-year deal with Desilu in April The first attempt to sell the Star Trek format to broadcasting network CBS Desilu had a first proposal deal with the network failed.

CBS chose another science fiction project, Irwin Allen 's more family-oriented Lost in Space instead of Roddenberry's more cerebral approach. One of the submitted story lines, dated 29 Junewas an outline for " The Cage ", and this was the story picked up by NBC. Now, the daunting task that Roddenberry and his crew faced was to develop the Star Trek universe from scratch.

Roddenberry recruited many people around him to help think up his version of the future. Lynn acted as a scientific consultant, Pato Guzman was hired as art director, with Matt Jefferies as an assisting production designer.

This phase of creativity and brainstorming lasted throughout the summer, until in the last week of September the final draft of the "The Cage" script was delivered to NBC, after which shooting of the pilot was approved. In early October, preparations for shooting "The Cage" began.

A few changes in the production crew were made: Roddenberry hired Morris Chapnickwho had worked with him on The Lieutenantas his assistant. Pato Guzman left to return to Chile and was replaced by Franz Bachelin. Matt Jefferies finalized the design for the Enterprise and various props and interiors.

By Its Gone Sir M62 - Various - Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection the sets were ready to be constructed on stages Culver Studios Stage 1415and Roddenberry was not happy with the stages, since they had uneven floors and were not soundproof, as Culver Studios had been established in the silent movie era when soundproofing had not been an issue to consider.

Eventually, inthe rest of the series was shot on Paramount stages 9 and 10which were in better shape. Casting of the characters was not a problem, apart from the lead role of Captain Pike still known as "Captain April " at this point, later renamed "Captain Winter" before finally choosing "Pike" who What Have I Done To Deserve This?

- Pet Shop Boys - Actually convinced Jeffrey Hunter to play. Majel Barrettalso a familiar face from The Lieutenantgot the part of the ship's female first officer, Number One. Veteran character actor John Hoytwho had worked on many science fiction and fantasy projects before, was chosen to play the role of Doctor Phil Boyce. Coltrespectively. The extras were cast from a diversity of ethnic groups, which was significant because integration was not a usual occurrence in s television, and segregation was still a reality in the United States.

To produce the pilot episode, Robert Justman was hired as assistant director; he had worked on The Outer Limits shortly before. Makeup artist Fred Phillips was brought in as well, whose first job it was to create Spock's ears.

Another veteran from The Outer Limits was producer-director Byron Haskinwho joined as associate producer. On 27 Novemberthe first scenes of "The Cage" or "The Menagerie," as it was briefly knownwere shot. Its Gone Sir M62 - Various - Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection Rising Up (Slow Mix) - Various - Brownswood Bubblers Five were still a lot of visual effects to be made.

NBC officials liked the first pilot. Desilu's Herb Solow says that NBC was surprised by how realistic it looked, and that it was "the most fantastic thing we've ever seen. They also had problems with the "satanic" Spock and the female first officer Number One.

However, NBC was convinced that Star Trek could be made into a television series, and that NBC itself had been at fault for choosing the "The Cage" script from the original three stories pitched. NBC then made the unprecedented move to order a second pilot. For the second pilot, NBC requested three story outlines again. However, the other two premises were also made into episodes of the series later. Filming the second pilot began in Julyand took nine days to complete. The entire cast of " The Cage " was replaced except Spock.

Jeffrey Hunter chose not to reprise his role as Captain Pike, mostly by the advice of his wife, who felt that "science fiction ruins her husband's career". Roddenberry wanted both Lloyd Bridges and Jack Lord for the role of the new captain, however both declined. The new captain was named James R. Kirk later renamed James T. For the role of the chief medical officer, Roddenberry chose veteran actor Paul Fix.

The latter two reprised their roles in the upcoming series, though Sulu would be a helmsman in the series. Other actors considered for being regulars were Lloyd Haynes as communications officer Alden and Andrea Dromm as Yeoman Smithbut neither of them were re-hired after the pilot. Many of the production staff were replaced. Robert Dawn served as head make-up artist, however Fred Phillips returned to the position in the series itself.

Academy Award winner cinematographer Ernest Haller came out of semi-retirement to work as the director of photography. Associate producer Byron Haskin was replaced by Robert Justmanwho now shared double duties as producer and assistant director. The Enterprise model was updated for the second pilot, and many new outer space effects shots were made, most of which were reused in the series itself. The sets were also updated a bit, most notably the main bridge and the transporter room.

Most of the uniforms, props, and sets were reused from " The Cage ", however some new props including the never-seen-again phaser rifle and a brand new matte painting the planet Delta Vega were made specially for this episode. History was RainDropz!

Feat. Bass Bumpers - Keep On Pushing 2K13. Preparation for the first regular season began in early All the Enterprise interior sets were updated, as well as the introduction of brand new uniforms. The look of the show became more colorful and more vivid.

The Enterprise model was also updated once more. Also, the entire production was moved from Desilu's Culver City studios to the main Gower Street studio's Stage 9 and 10 Paramount Stage 31 and 32 from onwards in Hollywood. Whitney had worked with Roddenberry a year before on an unsold pilot titled Police Story.

Publicity photos promoting the new series were made at this time, with the three of them, mostly using props left from the two pilots most notably the aforementioned phaser rifle. Shatner and Nimoy wore their new uniforms on these photographs, while Whitney had to wear an old, pilot version.

Scott Doohan and Sulu Takei were also kept, the latter becoming the ship's helmsman instead of physicist. Two additions made the Enterprise main crew complete: DeForest Kelley was hired to play the new chief medical officer, Leonard McCoyas Roddenberry had known him from previous projects, including the aforementioned Police Story. Actress Nichelle Nichols got the role of communications officer Uhurawho became a symbol of the racial and gender diversity of the show.

Nichols was a last minute addition, weeks before filming began on the first regular episode. Brooks returned to their former positions. Writer John D. Black was brought in as the second associate producer next to Justman.

While Roddenberry and Black handled the script and story issues, Justman was in charge of the physical aspects of production. Filming of the first regular episode, " The Corbomite Maneuver " began on 24 May NBC chose Its Gone Sir M62 - Various - Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection The Man Trap " the fifth episode in production order to air first, mainly because they felt it was more of a "traditional monster story" and featured more action.

Aint Put Nothin Down - Roger Taylor - The Lot (Box Set, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album, Augustseveral changes were made in the Star Trek production staff. Roddenberry stepped down as line producer and became the executive producer. His replacement was Gene L. Coonwho also regularly contributed to the series as a writer.

While Black had Its Gone Sir M62 - Various - Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection left the series, story editor Steven W. Carabatsos came in, sharing story duties with Roddenberry and Coon. To handle post-production, Edward K. Milkis was brought in by Justman. Carabatsos had left Star Trek near the end of the season, and was replaced by D. Fontanaformerly Roddenberry's secretary and a writer for the series.

On 31 AugustCBS Paramount Television announced that, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Star Trekthe show would return to broadcast syndication for the first time in sixteen years. The series' 79 episodes were digitally remastered with all new visual effects and music. The refurbished episodes have been converted from the original film to high-definition video, making it on par with modern television formats. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

Real World article written from a Production point of view.


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  1. Nit says:
    May 22,  · Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection is a major holiday gift for fans of the original Star Trek series, albeit an expensive one. Fans that have searched for many years for this music finally have a way to hear it in the best way possible.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection on Discogs/5(7).
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    Feb 15,  · If you are a fan of the Original Star Trek series, this is an absolute must have!! This has every note of music ever heard on the original Star Trek mavelvcerebordrelanrad.infoinfo are also many tracks of unused music cues that are most interesting. I have wanted all of /5(32).
  4. Vudoll says:
    Star Trek: The Next Generation Edit. The show's Writers'/Directors' Guide confirmed as early as March 23, that warp 1 remained light speed, but the bible designated warp 10 "the physical limit of the universe – beyond that normal time-space relationships do not exist and a ship at that velocity may simply cease to exist." As in the classic series, warp 6 was the highest cruising speed.
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    Apr 30,  · Various, Alexander Courage - Star Trek: Original Television Soundtrack (The Cage, Where No Man Has Gone Before) - mavelvcerebordrelanrad.infoinfo Music/5(23).
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    May 23,  · Though I enjoy watching the other Star Trek series, especially Deep Space Nine, I can't help put feel that the original series is still so much more fun and enjoyable to watch. On thing that definately sets the original series apart from the spin offs is the wonderful soundtrack music and score/5(8).
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    Sep 08,  · Star Trek is simply an incredibly fun and entertaining science fiction series, though it was hardly appreciated back in the 's when it originally aired. Fortunately, it lives on today in re runs, giving Trekkies the ongoing excitement of regularly 'boldly going where no man has gone before'/10(K).
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    The Star Trek: 50th Anniversary Collection, subtitled Musical Rarities from Across the Star Trek Universe, is a collection of episode scores, demos, trailer music and source tracks from the various Star Trek series and films – including the never-before released score from Star Trek: The.
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