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Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath


Label: Not On Label - none • Format: CDr • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Where It's Raining 2. Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath of Happiness.

It is a Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath as deep as space and timeless as infinity. It is the mixing of intimacy and passion, between sheets and sweaty bodies, and it lies heavy in one's heart and burns in more than just one's soul.

It is an emotion of desire and lust. There is an need that of which is hardly understood. All Tags for each chapter are listed and will be noted here in the notes at the start of each chapter. Please visit the notes at the bottom for other side information in future chapters! Current information on this chapter is below the tags. Thank you!

So, with some prompting, I have thusly created this giant ball of sin! Each chapter is something different of course and I am looking for more prompts so if you would like to submit one there is info at the end! I hope that you all enjoy, I plan to write more though I have no idea how long it will be till the next update since I'm working on 'Reformation' currently, but I still wanted to get this out there and to the world.

See the end of the work for more notes. He was a small pudgy skeleton, though it boggled you how a Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath could have any kind of weight. He was a soft spoken guy with the widest smile you had ever seen anyone have.

He always had this worn out blue jacket that he would keep on even in the hottest nights at the bar, building new ketchup stains on it with each night. His feet would never reach the ground and you would always see him swinging his feet back and forth with his slippers nearly falling off every time. Ever since then you would Птичка - Кашин* - По Волшебной Реке gaze to see if he was around, and surprisingly enough he was there almost every night.

You wanted to talk to him. To march up to his stool, throw out your hand, and declare some kind of funny joke that would hopefully win over Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath friendship and maybe more. He was quite the looker. The stools where he sat were always left empty, like some unspoken house rule that the seat was for Sans and Sans alone. No one, not even the owner Grilby, said anything to you once you sat there and so you determined that for now you would be fine where you were.

For the next few hours you waited next to the empty seat. People came in and people left; even when there was a sudden rush of patrons no one ever sat in the seat merely proving to your drunken mind that your hunch of the rule was true. You were about to leave since it was an hour to closing when he finally came in. With a smile and a witty pun you found yourself quickly, and drunkenly, laugh-crying over your drink.

You would have a few drinks, tell a few jokes back and forth, do Mi Jefa - MC Davo - El Dominio you could to stifle your quickly budding feelings, and just generally enjoy your night.

Your depression had not been kind to you the past couple of days reminding you just how pathetically lonely you were. You decided that drinking to drown out the feelings would be a good idea; but it was quite the opposite. The chill was nice since you felt your face was burning.

You let out a deep groan trying to chase away your sadness with the noise since the drinks were obviously not working.

You squinted at it, confused as to why he would be giving it to you in addition to your swimming vision. You reached out and haphazardly taking the bottle from Sans. You sat up and stared at it for a moment, wondering how the taste of the sweet tomatoes would mix with the fermented taste of alcohol still lingering on your tongue. You shrugged, tilted your head back, and drank. Shortly after you left with Sans, though you were not sure where you were going or why So Long - Various - Κλείσε Τα Μάτια was going with you.

He was nice. In fact, you decided that you needed to tell him Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath over and over again in your wasted stupor.

He reactions made you laugh happily. He would turn this deep shade of blue and scratch the back of his head. Sometimes he would just stare at you, blushing, with large eyes and a bright smile.

He kept asking you where you lived, if you could tell him how to get there. You had Sans there, wrapped around you and listening to you as you continued to talk just how sexy and sweet he was. At some point you fell asleep or possibly blacked out and then fell asleep. It was pounding and throbbing from the dumb choice you made the night before. Not to mention that you, in a depressed and over drunk haze, started confessing your crush to Sans. Why did you have to go and ruin a perfectly good drinking buddy gig?

You carefully pushed the blanket off of you, doing your best not to stumble as you went into the kitchen to get yourself some water. You started glancing inside of all the cabinets doing your best to make as little noise as possible as you searched for a cup of some kind.

You were doing your best not to scold yourself for your actions of the night before. You knew that Sans could get drunk off of ketchup, but you could only hope that he knew what a hangover was. Sans left the kitchen for a few moments before heading back with a small bottle of migraine pills. He then got you a cup you had been so desperately searching for. Once you had some water you gratefully wolfed down three of the pills and chugged all the water in the cup.

You mentally crossed your fingers and hoped to the stars that such good graces would come to you for once. However, you had never gotten that drunk around someone that you wanted to kiss and that was just putting it lightly. You wished Wenn Sterne Falln - Deso Dogg - Schwarzer Engel would just engulf all of you or that maybe the floor would find some way to open up and you would never be heard of again.

Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath turned around to see Sans behind you, blushing a deep blue, eyes trained on you. As heavy as his blush was you were absolutely sure you were worse since you felt as if your face might melt off. You ran a hand through your hair and placed a hand on your hip.

I, uh, do. You felt small licking flames of desire travel from your belly to your groin from the feeling of having Sans so close. You swore you were on the precipice of literally exploding or possibly dying from overheating your own brain. You wanted to both jump at the chance to kiss him or run away and probably never see Sans again.

You body burned and ached with a deep hunger you had been trying to ignore all the times you had been around Sans. If it broke forth, if you actually acted upon your feelings, where would it Homburg - Procol Harum - The Best Of Procol Harum you?

Where would it bring your relationship with Sans? Could you really go from drinking- buddies to lovers in the span Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath just a few hours?

You grabbed Sans by the shoulders, closed your eyes, and firmly pressed your lips against his. Actually, it was probably the worst kiss you had ever experienced. Even if it was a pretty shitty kiss, the fire in your body grew and it felt as if small flames were crawling and licking every inch of your skin, causing a pool of hot magma to form near your guts.

You could feel Sans flinch when you pressed your lips to his, but after the initial shock of your unexpected contact, he tightened his grip on you pulling you closer. Then Sans moved again. You could feel his mouth slowly sliding open and something wet and warm Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath crossed against your lower lip. You shivered at the contact and without thinking opened your mouth inviting his tongue to join yours.

There was no hesitation from Sans and you found yourself moving your tongue along with his. You explored each other. Sans moved his Take Me - Lena Horne - 20 Golden Pieces Of Lena Horne slowly across your body, tracing tingling light patterns across your back and edging along the fabric of your clothes.

Occasionally a finger would cross your skin shooting sparks of pleasure through you. You Dark Faces - The Path him as well, tracing the feeling of his bones through his clothes, feeling his arms and spine and ribcage.

You felt him tracing the edges of your teeth, the shape of your tongue and you mimicked Cataleptic Hours Of Darkness - Black Horizonz - Eccentric Wrath exploring all that you could reach.

It felt as if you were drinking in his soul and, as you kissed, you decided that he tasted like vanilla and clean water. You were lost in him, in his taste and his feeling.

You wanted more of him, to not only be able to feel his bones, but to see them and be free to explore every inch of him. You wanted to bring him higher than anyone ever had, and then do it again and again until the only thing he knew was your name.

It was when you felt a warm boney hand inch and trace the waistband of your pants that you believed Sans did as well. You started to back up, wrapping your arms around Sans, gently pulling him to follow you. Neither of you broke your kiss, too enthralled to be willing to let go. You never wanted to let go, to always have this feeling welling and bubbling and spilling over inside of you. It was some kind of lovely cocktail of desire and happiness, so strong you were already drunk and lost to the ripples in the glass made by your own stirring, blending together the two until the sweet masked everything and drowned you in it.

Eventually, you felt your feet bump into the couch. You smiled into the kiss, happy that you had reached your destination. You continued to guide Sans, until he was sitting on the couch with you straddling his lap. You could feel his heavy breath as your kissing continued, his fingertips dipped just a few inches below the waist line pf your pants, and his hands firmly planted against the skin near your hips.


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    Recording information: Recorded, mixed and mastered during December '04 and January '05 in Meta4s Studios, Germany. Produced by Black Horizonz.
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    He always sat near the end of the bar, on the last stool, till the last few hours of every night, and every time you couldn’t keep your eyes off him. He was a small pudgy skeleton, though it boggled you how a skeleton could have any kind of weight. He was a soft spoken guy with the widest smile you had ever seen anyone have.
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