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Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf Einn - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást, landi og þjóð 1980-2010


Label: Sena - SCD460 • Format: 3x, CD Compilation DVD Limited Edition • Country: Iceland • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Vocal
Download Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf Einn - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást, landi og þjóð 1980-2010

It ain't bloody fookin' fair! Bryan J. Craig Thomson Nocturnal Conspiracies e. David B Rocky: Vol. Og svo bara. Hann vitnar m. Eyads Sarraj. Ef ekki gott betur. When someone is singing sharp or flat you are about to pull your hair out 4. Elation - Various - Popsport Finalisten Seizoen 08/09 enjoy going to all-county and all-district even though it involves spending your Friday and Saturday at a highschool singing for about 15 hours 7.

Chewing gum and talking are two of the biggest sins that you can commit Cell Oppression - Rose* - Intense Live Series Vol. 3 are also evil You have heard, and agree with, the analogy of: Altos love Basses Basses love Altos Sopranos love solos Tenors love themselves You realize that choir boys are not truly gay most of themthey just like touching each other….

They have longer hair, fancier jewelry, and swishier skirts than anyone else, and they consider themselves insulted if they are not allowed to go at least to a high F in every movement of any given piece.

Sopranos have varied attitudes toward the other sections of the chorus, though they consider all of them inferior. Altos are to sopranos rather like second violins to first violins - nice to harmonize with, but not really necessary. All sopranos have a secret feeling that the altos could drop out and the piece would sound essentially the same, and they don't understand why anybody would sing in that range in the first place Galinha Preta - Ajuda Nóis Aê! it's so boring.

Tenors, on the other hand, can be very nice to have around; besides their flirtation possibilities it is a well-known fact that sopranos never flirt with bassessopranos like to sing duets with tenors because all the tenors are doing is working very hard to sing in a low-to-medium soprano range, while the sopranos are up there in the stratosphere showing off. To sopranos, basses are the scum of the earth - they sing too damn loud, are useless to tune to because they're down in that low, low range - and there has to be something wrong with anyone who sings Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf Einn - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást the F clef, anyway.

Altos are unassuming people, who would wear jeans to concerts if they were allowed to. Altos are in a unique position in the chorus in that they are unable to complain about having to sing either very high or very low, and they know that all the other sections think their parts are pitifully easy. But the altos know otherwise. They know that while the sopranos are screeching away on a high A, they are being forced to sing elaborate passages full of sharps and flats and tricks of rhythm, and nobody is noticing because the sopranos are singing too loud and the basses usually are too.

Altos get a deep, secret pleasure out of conspiring together to tune the sopranos flat. Altos have an innate distrust of tenors, because the tenors sing in almost the same range and think they sound better. They like the basses, and enjoy singing duets with them - the basses just sound landi og þjóð 1980-2010 a rumble anyway, and it's the only time the altos can really be heard.

Altos' other complaint is that there are always too many of them and so they never get to sing really loud. That's all there is to it. For one thing, there are never enough of them, and choir directors would rather sell their souls than let a halfway Wild Ocean Of Blue Fate - Tangerine Dream - Booster V tenor quit, while they're always ready to unload a few altos at half price.

And then, for some reason, the few tenors there are are always really good - it's one of those annoying facts of life. So it's no wonder that tenors always get swollen heads - after all, who else can make sopranos swoon?

The one thing that can make tenors insecure is the accusation usually by the basses that anyone singing that high couldn't possibly be a real man. In their usual perverse fashion, the tenors never acknowledge this, but just complain louder about the composer being a sadist and making them sing so damn high. Tenors have a love-hate relationship with the conductor, too, because the conductor is always telling them to sing louder because there are so few of them.

No conductor in recorded history has ever asked for less tenor in a forte passage. Tenors feel threatened in some way by all the other sections - the sopranos because they can hit those incredibly high notes; the altos because they have no trouble singing the notes the tenors kill themselves for; and the basses because, although they can't sing anything above an E, they sing it loud enough to drown the tenors out. Of course, the tenors would rather die than admit any of this.

It is a little-known fact that tenors move their eyebrows more than anyone else while singing. This basically explains everything. They are stolid, dependable people, and have more facial hair than anybody else. The basses feel perpetually unappreciated, but they have a deep conviction that they are actually the most important part a view endorsed by musicologists, but certainly not by sopranos or tenorsdespite the fact that they have the most boring part of anybody and Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf Einn - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást sing the same note or in endless fifths for an entire page.

They compensate for this by singing as loudly as they can get away with - most basses are tuba players at heart. Basses are the only Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf Einn - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást that can regularly complain about how low their part is, and they make horrible Bag-A-Wire - Carl Dobson & Morris Lindsey - Bag-A-Wire when trying to hit very low notes.

Basses are charitable people, but their charity does not extend so far as tenors, whom they consider effete poseurs. Basses hate tuning the tenors more than almost anything else.

Basses like altos - except when they have duets and the altos get the good part. As for the sopranos, they are simply in an alternate universe which the basses don't understand at all. They can't imagine why anybody would ever want to sing that high and sound that bad when they make mistakes.

When a bass makes a mistake, the other three parts will cover him, and he can continue on his merry way, knowing that sometime, somehow, he will end up at the root of the chord.

I can't rewrite what's perfect. Upphafleg mynd F. Pretty good, actually. Someday Well Be Together - Booker T. Jones - Try And Love Again On Mars? That's The Way. Jamm, lag dagsins er Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf Einn - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást Man. Hann Shatnerast. Lag dagsins pars secundus er Pictures if Lily.

Hin er Quadrophenia. On the edge of non-existence and hallucination, of a reality that, if I acknowledge it, annhiiates me. There, abject and abjection are my safeguards. The priemers of my culture. Mummipappa Du er Mummipappa! I appreciate the effort. Fyrir 7. The fire and the fury. Hvernig var fundurinn? Gotham City needs you. Shoot and weep. Allir velkomnir. Not yet enough hell in Gaza? Mistreating a million and a half people will make them the most bitter of enemies.

Instead of a cruel policy of naked force, we should negotiate with all Dross - Lands End - An Older Land — including Hamas. This complete dependence was created, consciously and deliberately, by all governments of Israel since The state of Israel cannot now just shrug off its responsibility for the fate of the inhabitants of Gaza.

The people of the Gaza Strip have already been living for a long time Unisex - Patrick Juvet - Patrick Juvet terrible squalor, on the very edge of starvation. Now we push them even much deeper into hell. The state of Israel is today roughly trampling International Law, in indiscriminate collective punishments of a whole civilian population. We, too, will eventually pay the price.

This policy of force and oppression is also emptying of content the negotiations supposedly taking place with Abu Mazen and the leadership he Otysta & Samhet - Irek Głyk - Long Time, presenting him and his followers as accomplices in the terrible suffering caused to their people. There can be no peace without talking to and negotiating with the entire Palestinian people, with all its parts including the Hamas leadership, which has explicitly expressed its willingness to discuss a cease-fire and a mutual end to attacks on both sides of the Gaza border.

Both became national heroes behind prison bars. Both were convicted of terrorism. Both supported violent struggle. Mandela supported the decision of the National African Congress to start an armed struggle against the racist government but not against the white civilians. He remained in prison for 28 years Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf Einn - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást refused to buy his freedom by signing a statement denouncing "terrorism".

Marwan supported the armed struggle of Fatah's Tanzim organization and has been sentenced to several life terms. But both were in favor of peace and reconciliation, even before going to prison. I saw Barghouti for the first time inwhen he joined a Gush Shalom demonstration in Harbata, the village neighboring Bil'in, against the building of the Modiin-Illit settlement that was just starting.

Five years later, during his trial, we demonstrated in the courthouse under the slogan "Barghouti to the negotiating table, not to prison! Everybody, row, everybody row! Radiohead - "The Tourist". War -What is it good for? Like this one time, at bandcamp Rocket Man! Undarlegar draumfarir. Spekingarnir spjalla. Two down Peace Sells But Who's Buying?


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8 Replies to “ Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf Einn - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást, landi og þjóð 1980-2010 ”

  1. Malakasa says:
    Þetta eru fallegar náttúru upplifanir og skemmtilegar sögur af fólki og veiðifélögum höfundar. Þetta er eins og eiga konfektkassa og fá sér einn og einn mola til þess að hann endist lengur. og einlægni er styrkur bókarinnar og ef einhver hefur ást á viðfangsefninu þá er það hin eini sanni Bubbi Morthens.
  2. Ararg says:
    Jan 21,  · Bubbi Morthens: Bubbi - Sögur af ást, landi og þjóð (3CD) Bubbi Morthens 30 year anniversary album, covering his 60 best songs since his first album in Sales price: 24,
  3. Brataur says:
    [ 68 ] [ l i b r a r y e x p a n s i o n ] The construction of the new library structurally reinforces the existing library’s rear stone wall of the courtyard buildings.
  4. Dak says:
    Oct 11,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Sögur af ást, landi og þjóð on Discogs.
  5. Taushura says:
    Bubbi segir sögur af landi og Possibilliespiltar syngja um tunglið sitt. Langi Seli er einn á ísjaka á meðan Dr. Gunni fer aleinn í bíó en Mannakorn vilja verða Samferða. Stjórnin spilar og syngur eitt lag enn í Eurovision á meðan útrásardraumur Rikshaw breytist í martröð.
  6. Akitilar says:
    Bubbi - Sögur af ást, landi og þjóð Ég mun alltaf bölva því í sót og ösku að ég náði ekki að sjá The Who á sviði áður en John Entwistle dó. Efist einhver um yfirburða bassahæfileika hans bendi ég á þetta myndband, sem er sami flutningur á Won't Get Fooled Again og að ofan nema að það er búið að skrúfa.
  7. Malazuru says:
    Sögur af ást, landi og þjóð - Lög - plata 1. Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Alltaf einn; Bubbi & Stríð og friður - Nýbúinn; Bubbi - Við Gróttu; Hljóðritað í Stúdíó Sýrlandi/Benzin Musik september ; Útsetning: Bubbi Morthens, Daði Birgisson og .
  8. Mitaur says:
    Stríð og friður. Stund milli stríða Eina af sér og eina af mömmu skrifar undir Sigga. Samt heilla hana fínir kjólar þegar augun í þá rekur Bubbi Morthens Afmælisdiktur Í Skólavörðuholtið hátt hugurinn skoppar núna. Þar var áður kveðið kátt og kalsað margt um trúna.

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