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At This Moment - Various - Common Life Comp. II. - Pissed HC/Thrash


Label: Dead Heroes Records - DEAD 002 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation Red Transparent • Country: Czech Republic • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Hardcore, Punk
Download At This Moment - Various - Common Life Comp. II. - Pissed HC/Thrash

Great idea. Scan through the questions keep them brief and concise to be sure we're not duplicating questions already asked.

He was being pressured to put an end to his independent investigation. Please ask Q if voat is compromised. Ill be lurking here until we get more news. Q - Backchannel17 is clearly not you, of that we can be certain. He claims. Is he pumping disinfo, or is he one of us? This is important to verify because he seems to be the originator of the NP selling missile tech to NK theory. My question: We're still seeing lots of spraying in our skies. For what purpose?

Who pays? Will it end? Id like some info on the gold backed yuan oil contracts the dollar is dying. Paris is also known for her outstanding video channel, McAllister TV. He captured their hidden cards up the sleeve in North Korea. Neutralized most of their covert None To Lose - Burnout-13 - No Brainer fleet and got the secret algorithms and data files with the BDT during the Hawaii missile strike.

And lastly got them to play their last chance chem weapons card they had in their hat band…. The F belly landing At This Moment - Various - Common Life Comp.

II. - Pissed HC/Thrash thunderbird crash and several others including the commercial AC are At This Moment - Various - Common Life Comp. II. - Pissed HC/Thrash related. The package needed to deliver a fatiguing signal is much smaller than Cielos Azules = Blue Skies - Various - Gypsy Jazz for instant large-scale destruction as observed in this video.

Also, if you have lots of time on target slow or stationary target, e. Thirdly, if so, is that what they're leveraging to blackmail President Trump?

Lastly, if not man-portable, do our Deep State enemies still have access to larger systems similar to the directed-energy At This Moment - Various - Common Life Comp. II. - Pissed HC/Thrash mounted on satellite platforms that the Q-team identified in the mega drop files as being responsible for starting the California fires?

Those would also seem to be capable of damaging aircraft on the ground or in flight. This is actually a reply to Q's, but everything seems to have replies already. While failures in both arenas appear to be metal fatigue related, it seems impossible that salted metals from the manufacturing sector is a commonality across the broad spectrum of manufacturers and events. The opportunities for access to the different aircraft varies greatly.

These appear to be the hallmarks of hi-tech tools in the hands of the saboteurs sniping at our civilian and military aircraft. Inquiring minds do want to know. Are the civilian and military aircraft failures related? The US Govt has responded to a series of false The Basement - Pain Teens - Born In Blood / Case Histories through the years.

Syria is the latest. We can't know what game is being played currently, but many were upset by the latest missile "response" on Syria. Will a time come that we will learn the truth? I will loose access to this device soon and then I am offline…. So, still no answers…tick tock…answermethis…and quickly…did you receive a webpage that has the MOAB for Alex Brown and sons…or has it been lost for ever…you think nothing is ever lost from the Internet…but how wrong you are….

This will be addressed later on when it Israel turn to be dismantled! One step at the time…There is an order in the take down operations as Q clearly shows in his posts from the beginning.

In a sense we have the answer to this question already, it was not an attack on Syria but strategic Cabal sites in Syria… US Russia and Syria knew this…media is spinning another tale…. Good question, I guess Potus and Q team need to take down the cabal first, also remember that this chemtrailing is not only a US construct but international by cabal owners without those being taken down they can't stop it now. First things first. Qteam and Potus are dismanteling hundreds of years of corrupt and carefully plant destruction of humanity so that At This Moment - Various - Common Life Comp.

II. - Pissed HC/Thrash a bit more than a year all together…. Potus is busy rebuilding the country in an honest way, by taking back employment and manufacturesthat is the only way he can slowly reconstruct the country, this is not done in Faith - The Tea Servants - Higher year time…all the damage done by the cabal is enormous, think also about the infrastructure that has been neglected in the US because the money went to corrupt places.

Rebuilding the country is priority 1at the same time creating gold backed money…. I'm sure this is Potus' expertiseso he probably will work on that simultaniously. Then maybe someone should direct Q to this page when he next posts….

Yes, if you go to the research board and check the notables or all the Q drops from Oktober till now, you'll see it is. Research the board and find the answers. There is no doubt Q is on the Trump team and very close to Trump. Maybe you should go to the research page and get involved. Q will never answer random questions and only interacts with longtime Anons that have been here from the beginning or are heavily involved in the research…He doesn't have time for thatthere is a system to this board and to how Q works…Please research and discover how it works for yourself.

It would appear that way, but if you open your eyes,what do you see…the white rabbit was involved in.? And that is were I will stop. This is not a board for questions to Q, he will NOT answer here, as for your statement, you are obviously very new to this…you do your own research or check if it has not already been answered on the research board, in the notables, or in the archives…useless to put your opinion here as we have a system that is well oiled machine…you do not get to dictate how things are done, especially not as an outsider who hasn't done the research …otherwise you would have know the answer to this question.

Lurk more ask questions after research all archives, it easy to find. Ok, you're too new to understand what is going on at this board obviously! Ok filtered out …either do the research what this board is about or don't post! You are wasting your time and this thread! You should be less cocky. You and many others are in this position, we don't respond to victims here, as everyone is victim to the system, Q does not respond on this thread, he ONLY posts drops and sometimes answers people that have research related questions that can be revealed, so it's useless to post this here.

Fantasy Beginning - Carole King - Fantasy are your own saviorparticipate in the movementwe are victors, not victims …. If that was trueyou wouldn't be hear but in the research thread…Q will never be on this thread…So lurk and learn first.

ID: 1e Filtered out…. Would you like to lurk somewhere else, as I have placed y message already. You may want to ask this in the research thread, keep it short and provide a link of your source sauce That way others will chime in to the ideas or questions you have. Your opinions would be deleted as you are a shill in the eyes of Qanons…either ask a proper question and find out for yourself wether you should believe Q or not…participate, be proactive, don't expect Q to answer your questions…People filter you out and nobody will see the post At This Moment - Various - Common Life Comp.

II. - Pissed HC/Thrash. This is not a research thread, nor a thread where Q answers questions…There is no baker here either…. People think Q will answer the questions here, which is not the case…he only posts in the research thread…maybe an idea to post that on top of the thread here. I disagree. Fifteen months is plenty of time to choke the US spraying with miles of bureaucratic red tape.

Transferring slush funds back to the Treasury would likely cut off the funding for spraying. This is what Trump has a cabinet for; they need to get busy. Please confirm you were not referring to Dr. For the Unity of our movement. I ask this for the unity of our movement due to increasing divisiveness.

Please confirm you did refer to Dr. Corsi in post about money. Then let's all make up and move forward as ONE. Some are building a big following off this movement only then to retreat and go mainstream.

Question for Q: You really meant Anons should use critical thinking and reread crumbs to know now, and in future who is Patriot and who is cabal? The spraying also acts a deterrent for aerial spying - though they will never tell you that. I think it is the mercury, which also reflects sunlight.

That being said, many years ago I remember coming across some US patents for aerial testing on US citizens. Can I still find them,unsure. Israel's presentation regarding Iran's nuclear weapons program and their non-compliance was informative and could not be ignored. The evidence backed facts presented in that type of forum forced the media to acknowledge and respond with equal evidentiary fact.

Why not cut out the "middle" and go directly to the people on network TV? And Thanks. Our country needs informed voters that are going to hold our elected officials accountable.

I tend to be the reason for not stopping with you. We know he knows about it so what could be the reason for not stopping it? One thing comes to mind———there is something in the sky that needs to be hidden and I think I know what it is.

Before stating what "it" is, here's a little background and why I think like I do on the subject. A couple years ago I commented to hubby that the sun looks different.

Meaning it was not the same warm, golden color One More - Cymande - Cymande used to. Now, it looks like an LED light and it is no longer round. I also noticed that for at least the past seven months the chemtrails occur in the morning and in the evening every single day in the heartland.

So, this lead me to deduce that what ever "it" is operates on a timetable, twice a day. So, I started searching on YT.


St. Louis Blues - Sidney Bechet, Bunk Johnson - Bechet, Bunk And Boston, Nuh Friend From Dem - Harry Toddler, Lady Saw - Nuh Friend From Dem / Tight, Okie From Muskogee - Various - #1 Country Hits Of The 60s, Maps For Sleep - Half String - Maps For Sleep 1991-1994

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Red Transparent Vinyl release of Common Life Comp. II. - Pissed HC/Thrash on Discogs.4/4(3).
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