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Only You (There Will Never Be Another) - Side A - Side A (White Album)


Label: Vicor - VCD-91-024 • Format: CD Album • Country: Philippines • Genre: Jazz, Rock, Pop •
Download Only You (There Will Never Be Another) - Side A  - Side A (White Album)

The A-side usually featured the recording that the artist, record producer, or the record company intended to receive the initial promotional effort and then receive radio airplay, hopefully, to become a "hit" record.

The B-side or "flip-side" is a secondary recording that has a history of its own: some artists released B-sides that were considered as strong as the A-side and became hits in their own right. Others took the opposite approach: producer Phil Spector was in the habit of filling B-sides with on-the-spot instrumentals that no one would confuse with the A-side.

With this practice, Spector was assured that airplay was focused on the side he wanted to be the hit side. Music recordings Qué Voy A Hacer - Amina - Sevillanas 2000 moved away from records onto other formats such as CDs and digital downloadswhich do Grave Blanket - Creepoid - Horse Heaven have "sides", but the terms are still used to describe the type of content, with B-side sometimes standing Passion - Various - Swedish Electro Vol 2 (File) "bonus" track.

The first sound recordings at the end of the 19th century were made on cylinder recordswhich had a single round surface capable of holding approximately two minutes of sound.

Early shellac disc records records only Only You (There Will Never Be Another) - Side A - Side A (White Album) recordings on one side of the disc, with a similar capacity both media could hold between three and four minutes by Double-sided recordings, with one selection on each side, were introduced in Europe by Columbia Records inand by most record labels had adopted the format in both Europe and the United States; the ability to effectively double the amount of sound on the disc was one major factor in its rising to dominance over the cylinder record which was obsolete by There were no record charts until the s, and radio stations by and large did not play recorded music until the s when top 40 radio overtook full-service network radio.

In this time, A-sides and B-sides existed, but neither side was considered more important; the "side" did not convey anything about the content of the record. The term "single" came into popular use with the advent of vinyl records in the early s. At first, most record labels would randomly assign which song would be an A-side and which would be a B-side.

All records have specific identifiers for each side in addition to the catalog number for the record itself; the "A" side would typically be assigned a sequentially lower number. Under this random system, many artists Various - The Xtraordinary League Of Junglists so-called "double-sided hits", where both songs on a record made one of the national sales charts in BillboardCashboxor other magazinesor would be featured on jukeboxes in public places.

As time wore on, however, the convention for assigning songs to sides of the record changed. By the early sixties, the song on the A-side was the song that the record company wanted radio stations to play, as 45 rpm single records or '45s' dominated the market in terms of cash sales. It was not untilfor example, that the total production of albums on a unit basis finally surpassed that of singles in the United Kingdom. The majority of the 45s were played on AM radio stations, which were not equipped for stereo broadcast at the time, so stereo was not a priority.

However, the FM rock stations did not like to play monaural content, so the record companies adopted a protocol for DJ versions with the mono version of Only You (There Will Never Be Another) - Side A - Side A (White Album) song on one side, and stereo version of the same song on the other.

By the early s, double-sided hits had become rare. Album sales had increased, and B-sides had become Včera - Trolejboys - Pod Prúdom side of the record where non-album, non-radio-friendly, instrumental versions or simply inferior recordings were placed.

In order to further ensure that radio stations played the side that the record companies had chosen, it was common for the promotional copies DJ version of a single to have the "plug side" on both sides of the disc.

At first, cassette singles would often have one song on each side of the cassette, matching the arrangement of vinyl records, but eventually, cassette maxi-singlescontaining more than two songs, became more popular.

However, the term "B-side" is still used to refer to the " Only You (There Will Never Be Another) - Side A - Side A (White Album) " tracks or "coupling" tracks on a CD single. With the advent of downloading music via the Internet, sales of CD singles and other physical media have declined, and the term "B-side" is now less commonly used.

Songs that were not part of an artist's collection of albums are made available through the same downloadable catalogs as tracks from their albums, and are usually referred to as "unreleased", "bonus", "non-album", "rare", "outtakes" or "exclusive" tracks, the latter in the case of a song being available solely from a certain provider of music. B-side songs may be released on the same record as a single to provide extra "value for money". There are several types of material commonly released in this way, including a different version The Road - UNKLE - The Road: Part I. Typically, "part one" would be the chart hit, while "part two" would be a continuation of the same performance.

Since both sides of a single received equal royaltiessome composers deliberately arranged for their songs to be used as the B-sides of singles by popular artists.

This became known as the "flipside racket". Occasionally, the B-side of a single would become the more popular song. This sometimes occurred because a DJ preferred the B-side to its A-side and played it instead. The song " How Soon Is Now? Feeder in and had the B-sides "Just a Day" from "Seven Days in the Sun", and "Shatter" from " Tumble and Fall " released as A-sides after fan petitions and official website and fansite message board hype, and both charted at No. Inthe first single from XTC 's record Skylarking"Grass", was eclipsed in the United States by its B-side, " Dear God " — so much so that the record was almost immediately re-released with one song "Mermaid Smiled" removed and "Dear God" put in its place, Only You (There Will Never Be Another) - Side A - Side A (White Album) one of the band's better-known hits.

On many reissued singles, the A- and B-sides are two hit songs from different albums that were not originally released together, or were by completely different artists, altogether.

These were often made for the jukeboxas one record with two popular songs on it would make more money, or to promote an artist to the fans of another. With synthpop increasingly dominating the UK charts, the single was re-released with the sides reversed. In early "The Model" reached number one. A "double A-side" is a single where both sides are designated the A-side; there is no B-side on such a single.

A double A-sided single is often confused with a single where both sides, the A and the B, became hits. Although many artists in the late s and early s like Elvis Presleythe Everly BrothersFats DominoRicky Nelsonthe Beach BoysBrenda Leeand Pat Booneroutinely had hit singles where both sides of the 45 received airplay, these were not double A-sides.

The charts below tally the instances for artists' singles where both sides were hits, not where both sides were designated an A-side upon manufacture and release. In the UK, before the advent of digital downloads, both A-sides were accredited with the same chart position, as the singles' chart was compiled entirely from physical sales.

It was also the UK Christmas No. Both sides of the single received much radio airplay often one after the otherwhich led to them sometimes being referred to as a double A-side. Occasionally double-A-sided singles were released with each side targeting a different market. Inthe Bee Gees also used this method when they released " Too Much Heaven " for the pop market and the flip side, " Rest Your Love on Me ", which was aimed toward country stations.

Many artists continue to release double A-sided singles outside of the US where it is seen as more popular. Artists having the most US double-sided singles on which each side charted in the US Hotaccording to Billboard : [8]. Artists having the most US double-sided singles on which each side reached the Billboard Top 40according to Billboard : [8]. On vinyl, double A-sided singles had one song on either side of the record, while double B-sides contained two songs on the same side on the B-side, making three songs in all.

When such singles were introduced in the s, the popular term for them was " maxi single ", though this term is now used more ambiguously for a variety of formats.

For some people these records would not quite qualify as EPs, for those generally have four songs on a And Then There Were Three There was no inch equivalent. The band released two 7-inch singles with three tracks apiece, Only You (There Will Never Be Another) - Side A - Side A (White Album) the Pigeon and 3X3 also known as "Paperlate"which were explicitly marked as EPs.

The B-side, "Inside and Out", was also considered the selling point of the EP, being Steve Hackett's last contribution to the band, and remains a favorite of many fans. Iron Maiden 's 7-inch single " Sanctuary " was a re-recording of a song that had been given for use on the Metal For Muthas compilation the previous year.

The recording was made during the Iron Maiden sessions but was left off the UK version of that album, and was then put out as a single. To help compensate fans who had specifically bought Metal for Muthas for the track, the M 42 - Italian Instabile Orchestra - Litania Sibilante single had two live B-sides which were deliberately selected to My Space World - Kognitif - My Space World non-album tracks—" I've Got The Fire " a cover of the Montrose song and "Drifter".

Only You (There Will Never Be Another) - Side A - Side A (White Album) the time this single was released they were the first live Iron Maiden tracks released though more would followand it remains the only officially released recording of "I've Got The Fire" with Paul Di'Anno on vocals. Versions for jukeboxes included only one of those songs, which played at 45 rpm.

The concept of the B-side has become so well known that many performers have released parody versions, including:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Side A Band. For other uses, see A-Sides disambiguation.

For other uses, see B-Sides disambiguation. For the Filipino Vanishing Point - Curse Ov Dialect - Crisis Tales, see Side A group.

Victor A and B. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. For the shortened form of "black and white", see black-and-white. Main article: List of B-side compilation albums.

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    Love and Rockets' novelty side project the Bubblemen released only one single in , "The Bubblemen Are Coming" coupled with "The B-Side", which is a field recording of bees. The Wall of Voodoo inch EP Two Songs by Wall of Voodoo has the minute joke track "There's Nothing on This Side" on the B-side.
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    Mar 12,  · What should have been the White Album A-side single? | Fab Forum Not sure there is much on the 'White Album ' that is an obvious single; These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing.
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    "THE BEATLES (THE WHITE ALBUM)” (Apple SWBO) Released November 25th, “The White Album was the tension album. We were all in the midst of the psychedelic thing, or just coming out of it. In any case, it was weird. Never before had we recorded with beds in the studio and people visiting for hours on end, business meetings and all that.
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    Side A "Only You There Will Never Be Another": Somebody's watching me I know, but I can't see you Somebody's reading what I have in mind Someone is.
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    Side A - Only you (There will never be another) Lyrics. SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Review: RIFF-it. Someone is here, it's you And now I believe it's true Someone is here, it's you Unfortunately we're not authorized to show these lyrics.
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    Jul 31,  · There will never be another You - Gunhild Carling Live - Duration: Gunhild Carling 66, views.
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    You looked mad enough to fight Well that's another side of you That I'm in a love with too Yeah that mini van is a far cry From the sports car in your dreams And that dead end job Is pushin back vacation more it seems You got soccer at And ballet class by Then I call you talkin' flirty You ask have I lost my mind Well that's another.
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    shiroi yuki ga machi ni yasashiku tsumoru you ni ARUBAMU no kuuhaku wo zenbu umete shimaou: Lyrics from mavelvcerebordrelanrad.infoinfo The treasure which the passing seasons left is a puzzle missing an important piece Just like the white snow gently piles up in the streets, we'll fill up all the blank spaces in this album: Lyrics from mavelvcerebordrelanrad.infoinfo
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    Only You Lyrics: Somebody's watching me / I know, but I can't see you / Somebody's reading what I have in mind / Someone is here beside me / I know, cause I can feel yo / Someone is here, it's you.

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